Monday, November 19, 2012


That's French for "attention."

I will be writing these pages as soon possible:

Yet to enter:
The Rabbit Hole (eating there tomorrow)
Blue Table
Abby's Millstone Baking Company (also soon)
Sushi Su (formerly Agoura Sushi or something)
Expert texpert:
The secrets of Agoura
Fan-shaped leaves
Red plum trees
Trader Joe's apartments + passage
Johnny Rockets
Shopping Centers
Center Stage
Ice Cream Truck
Places to Go When Sad
Starbucks secrets
Nail Salon
Key & lock smith
Ladyface Bar & Grill

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

"The Usual"

I, like many awesome characters in TV shows and books, have become.. a REGULAR at a store. I hear things like, "So, what's up?"
"Hey, you."
"You come here a lot."
"Hey, Justin!"
"I'll give you a small discount."
"Do you live here?!"
"You have to keep a record of how much you spend here.."

It's cool to know how many friends I can make with people that aren't in my age or share my unemployment. I somehow relate and connect with people working in cafes and other food shops in a very reassuring and whimsical way. And besides, they have to talk to me. They're TRAPPED. **HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA**

It's fun when you become a recognised person in a store, and you're lucky if you're like that with cool people.